Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keller's Every Good Endeavor - Chapter 9 - A New Story for Work

I'll be facilitating a discussion on chapter nine (pages 155-182) of Keller's Work Monday evening. In this case, the best discussion questions are likely those found at near the end of the chapter (page 181):
  • What's the story line of the culture in which I live and the field where I work? Who are the protagonists and antagonists?
  • What are the underlying assumptions about meaning, morality, origin, and destiny?
  • What are the idols? The hopes? The fears?
  • How does my particular profession retell this story line, and what part does the profession itself play in the story?
  • What parts of the dominant worldview are basically in line with the gospel, so that I can agree with and align with them?
  • What parts of the dominant worldviews are irresolvable without Christ? Where, in other words, must I challenge my culture? How can Christ complete the story in a different way?
  • How do these stories affect both the form and the content of my work personally? How can I work not just with excellence but also with Christian distinctiveness in my work?
  • What opportunities are there in my profession for
    • serving individual people,
    • serving society at large,
    • serving my field of work,
    • modeling competence and excellence, and
    • witnessing to Christ?