Monday, September 22, 2014

Keller's Every Good Endeavor - Chapter 12 - New Power for Work

I'll be facilitating a brief discussion on chapter twelve (pages 226-241) of Keller's Work Monday evening. Here are a few questions we'll use to guide the discussion:
  1. Keller calls our motivation for work, "the work under the work." What are some of your main motivations for work? Do we "work our work" or does our "work work us"? How do we really know?
  2.  Keller writes about "The Power of Deep Rest" referencing the Sabbath. Did these pages change anything about your concept of Sabbath? Reinforce what you know and practice? Challenge or convict?
  3. What did Keller mean by "The Rest Under the Rest?" What is a practical way to apply this concept?