Friday, March 1, 2013


My friend Aaron passed along an article from the Harvard Business Review's site titled Embrace Work-Life Imbalance. This short post is worth a read when considering the topic of work... especially hard work.

It seems to Me that the term workaholic is often less than helpful. Hard work is not a disease.

While there are certainly excesses when family and health is set aside for work pursuits... but in most cases hard work is a great thing... not something to be characterized as a disease.

Take a minute and read the article; let me know what you think.

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  1. Interesting view. My husband LOVES his job (as I loved mine.) It was pure pleasure to drive to work at 7am and come home to continue learning and connecting.

    We are taught that 9-5 (or as my boss said, "um, that would be 8-5,") is the only sane view of work. Craftspeople and farmers have worked until the job was done or the sun went down. With industrialization and repetitive boring tasks, the assembly line is grateful to shut down after 8 hours.

    If you love your work, it's good fun and continues - though you build boundaries to incorporate family life and friends into the mix.

    This has made me think again about work I'd love to do. Thanks!


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