Friday, May 30, 2014

Keller's Every Good Endeavor - Chapter 10 - A New Conception of Work

I'll be facilitating a brief discussion on chapter ten (pages 183-197) of Keller's Work Monday evening. Here are a few questions we'll use to guide the discussion:
  1. Keller opens chapter 10 with this question (183): “We all know someone in our field who is not a Christian who seems to hold the best values and produce the most elegant product, beautiful dance piece, or trusted and well-organized work team. If the Christian worldview is so unique, how do we account for this?”  
  2. What are some of the dangers if we get the first question wrong? What are some of the dangers if we misunderstand the difference between “Christian work” and “non-Christian work”? 
  3. How does an understanding of common grace help us understand work? 

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